After displaying their ample talents on different tours, Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack, and Disturbed was teaming up for the second edition of MTV’s Return Of The Rock tour. STP, Godsmack and Disturbed began operations on October 20 in Pittsburgh and lined up until November 10, although more shows were expected to be announced.

Godsmack and Disturbed spent the better part of their summer on the road with Ozzfest 2000, while STP was seen making the rounds with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The maiden voyage of the Return Of The Rock tour rolled out this spring with P.O.D., Staind, Dope, and Crazy Town.

In a bit of last-minute work before the tour launch, STP will head to Los Angeles on September 24 to shoot a video for “No Way Out,” the next single from the band’s 1999 album “No. 4.”


Después de mostrar sus amplios talentos en diferentes giras este verano, Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack y Disturbed se han unido para la segunda edición de la gira Return Of The Rock de MTV. STP, Godsmack y Disturbed empezaron a tocar el 20 de octubre en Pittsburgh y se programaron fechas hasta el 10 de noviembre, aunque se esperó que se anuncien más espectáculos.

Godsmack y Disturbed pasaron la mayor parte del verano en la carretera con Ozzfest 2000, mientras que STP fue visto junto con los Red Hot Chili Peppers. El viaje inaugural de la gira Return of the Rock se lanzó esta primavera con P.O.D., Staind, Dope y Crazy Town.

En un poco de trabajo de último minuto antes del lanzamiento de la gira, STP se dirigirá a Los Ángeles el 24 de septiembre para grabar un video de “No Way Out”, el próximo single del álbum de 1999 de la banda “No. 4. ”

10/20 - Pittsburgh,

PA @ Mellon Arena
10/21 - Dayton, OH @ Hara Arena
10/22 - Toledo, OH @ Sports Arena
10/24 - New York, NY @ Roseland
10/25 - Fairfax, VA @ Patriots Center
10/26 - Charlotte, NC @ Independence Arena
10/29 - Houston, TX @ The Woodlands
10/31 - San Antonio, TX @ Freeman Coliseum
11/2 - Denver, CO @ Magness Arena
11/3 - Salt Lake City, UT @ E-Center
11/4 - Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint
11/6 - San Jose, CA @ San Jose Events Center
11/7 - Bakersfield, CA @ Centennial Garden
11/9 - Los Angeles, CA @ Universal Amphitheater
11/10 - Phoenix, AZ @ Veterans Memorial Coliseum 

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