This was written by Scott Weiland and STP bass player Robert DeLeo while the band was on tour. Weiland considered it a love song for his wife at the time, Mary, dealing with the possibility of loss.

“‘Wonderful’ has me dreaming about my death,” he wrote in his memoir. “In the next world, I envision Mary as my guide.” Mary Forsberg was Weiland’s second wife. They were married from 2000-2007. According to Weiland, this was his favorite Stone Temple Pilots ballad.

A live version featuring guest vocals by Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington is on the album Family Values 2001. STP was a big influence on Bennington, and he got to know the band when both groups played the Family Values Tour. In 2013, Bennington took over as the group’s lead singer.


Escrita por Scott Weiland y el bajista Robert DeLeo mientras la banda estaba de gira. Weiland lo consideraba una canción de amor para Mary su esposa en ese momento, lidiando con la posibilidad de pérdida.

“Wonderful has me dreaming about my death”, escribió en sus memorias. “In the next world, I envision Mary as my guide”. Mary Forsberg fue la segunda esposa de Weiland. Se casaron desde 2000-2007. Según Weiland, esta fue su balada favorita de Stone Temple Pilots.

Una versión en vivo con la voz de los invitados del cantante principal de Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, está en el álbum Family Values 2001. STP fue una gran influencia en Bennington, y conoció a la banda cuando ambos grupos tocaron en el Family Values Tour. En 2013, Bennington asumió el cargo de cantante principal del grupo.


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