A haunting ballad written in Atlanta, this song is about Scott Weiland’s first wife, Janina Castaneda, and the end of their relationship – they were going through a divorce at the time that was finalized in 2000. Scott’s vocal is reminiscent of Jim Morrison of The Doors. They got married in 1994, just as STP were becoming one of the biggest bands in America. Weiland admitted that he put her through hell with his capricious behavior that stemmed from his addictions.

Stone Temple Pilots’ surviving members Robert DeLeo, Dean DeLeo, and Eric Kretz have released an emotional tribute to their late frontman Scott Weiland. In the video, the band listen back to “Atlanta” off of 1999’s No. 4 a video where they spotlight one of Weiland’s most powerful, resounding vocal performances.


Una balada inolvidable escrita en Atlanta, esta canción trata sobre la primera esposa de Scott Weiland, Janina Castaneda, y el final de su relación: estaban pasando por un divorcio en el momento en que se finalizó en el 2000. La voz de Scott recuerda al de Jim Morrison de The Doors. Se casaron en 1994, justo cuando STP se estaba convirtiendo en una de las bandas más grandes de América. Weiland admitió que él la hizo pasar por el infierno con su comportamiento caprichoso que surgió de sus adicciones.

Los miembros sobrevivientes de Stone Temple Pilots, Robert DeLeo, Dean DeLeo y Eric Kretz, han lanzado un emotivo tributo a su difunto líder Scott Weiland. En el video, la banda escucha de nuevo el video “Atlanta” del No. 4 de 1999, donde destacan una de las actuaciones vocales más poderosas y resonantes de Weiland.

Janina Castañeda (the mexican princess) and Scott Weiland

She lives in a bungalow, She kills me with rosegarden thorns
She waits for me
My love is unusual, It’s painted with roses and thorns
with her I’m complete

She lives by the wall and waits by the door
She walks in the sun to me

Visions of Mexico seduce me, It goes to my head so carefully
Memories of candles and incense and all of these things remember these

She lives by the wall and waits by the door
She walks in the sun to me

She comforts me when the candles blow out
the cake has grown mold but the memories are sweet
The laughter’s all gone but the memories are mine
The Mexican princess is out of my life

She lives by the wall and waits by the door
She walks in the sun to me

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